Amanda Fata: Founder Of NūVita Digs Deeply Into 5 Questions

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WB: Please tell me about yourself? Where are you from? How did you get to the place where you are now in cannabis and specifically CBD. What motivated you to seek CBD over THC? 

Amanda Fata=AF: My name is Amanda, and I am a 32-year-old Michigan mama of three kiddos ages 12, 5, and 2. As a full-time mother and business owner, I am so grateful to be able to spend time with my children while pursuing an enterprise that I can hopefully pass down to them someday. For me, cannabis has always been a central tenet of my business. I became an advocate for cannabis when I was young and began using it to heal from my own anxiety, asthma, and ADHD – long before any legal guidelines were put in place. Since that time, I have switched over from using THC dominant cannabis to CBD, as well as our specialty tincture formulas which include CBN and CBG. I decided to pursue CBD because I personally believe there is something very therapeutic about a high CBD strain with low THC to still invoke the entourage effect. THC isn’t the bad guy, it’s required to support CBDs therapeutic properties but I think it’s best in low doses.

Michigan just went legal in December of 2019, and I’m so proud to live in a state that views this plant as anodyne. It’s been awesome to see it come full circle. I went from hiding dime bags and joints from my parents to operating a woman-owned CBD empire!

WB: Please tell me about your company? Do you have a mentor in business? Business acumen? What are your six-month and twelve-month goals?

AF: I started NuVita CBD back in late November of 2019 as a way to be of service to others. NuVita is a 100% woman-owned company. I take great pride in being of service to others, so I found this company with the intention of supporting women and children from our community who come from abusive or human trafficked situations. Every month, we donate a percentage of our monthly sales to local charities or shelters. The money is allocated to buy basic essentials and, in some cases, is put towards tailored services such as physical and mental health support, cooking classes, financial education and even resume and application resources just to name a few. These services are essential to help the young men and women who receive this care, make something of themselves. My business mentor is an incredible man by the name of Ryan Daley. He’s helping me to fine-tune my skills so I can become an even better leader than I was before. Ryan goes out of his way to make time in his schedule to help guide me every month. It’s amazing what having the right team around you can do!

I am also very lucky to have my husband who supports and guides me through this adventure as well. He is very knowledgeable about business, structuring a company, operations, and so much more. I guess you could say he is my business acumen! He has wonderful foresight. Entrepreneurship is literally in his blood.

As far as the future goes, our 6-month goals are to get our hard launch underneath our belt, to bring on more industry professionals such as a COO, and to really start to grow our network of affiliates. We currently have over 2100 members in our affiliate program. I know that we are just scratching the surface of our potential! Our 12-month goal is to be able to donate 100K+ a month to charities. You can really change the course of someone’s lives with a donation like that. That’s my wish!

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WB: What obstacles do you face when working in cannabis? Stigmas? What markets do you want to enter next? Obstacles?

AF: I think the biggest obstacle we face in the CBD space is just getting our affiliates trained well enough to answer questions before people can even think of them. There’s a lot of competing information out in the market right now about CBD, so ensuring that our affiliates are able to verbalize how NuVita CBD is superior to other highly processed CBD brands is a top priority for us. Right now, the CBD industry is like the wild wild west. However, we are doing some things to set us apart, such as getting our facility and lab GMP certified, running a full panel COA for everything the lab can check for, manufacturing in house, and, most importantly, by using real cannabis in our products. We take great pride in creating a product that is of superior quality. To do this we not only control the manufacturing process by keeping it all in house, but we use real cannabis. Most CBD is hemp-derived, but we’ve made a commitment to sourcing our CBD from cannabis. Going this route provides our customers with a consistently superior and therapeutic product. Using strains that, before backcrossing, contain higher levels of THC and plant matter, we are able to extract the maximum amount of the plant’s properties. Terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients can really supercharge any CBD formula. It’s important to not forget about those elements. We use a mix of real cannabis strains such as Otto II and back cross it with industrial hemp so the THC content is .3% or less. That way, our clients can maximize the benefits of CBD without experiencing a ‘true’ THC high

The next market I would like to get into is co-packing. I see great opportunities in that industry. My plan for emerging into this industry is to improve the sales process and to build stronger relationships with smaller up and coming businesses. Most co-packers currently have massive minimums that the majority of start-ups cannot afford. I also believe that automating a lot of processes done internally on the relationship side of this industry can and should be improved. I’m sure there will be obstacles associated with that path, but I will cross that bridge when I get there. With the right team, anything can be accomplished.

WB: Do you have a food memory from childhood that you’d like to share? A meal you’d like to describe from any time? Favorite recipe?

AF: With a network of 39,000 followers on Instagram, I have gotten (almost) everyone hooked on what I have dubbed my “CBD Krispies.” It’s a mix of peanut butter, maple syrup, and rice cereal with CBD infused chocolate on top. SO delicious! The perfect Netflix and chill snack.

WB: What is your passion?

AF: My passion is simply to be a kind human who dedicates my time here on earth to being of service to others. The world needs more kindness and love, especially with how different social interactions are nowadays. My mom always told me that the littlest comments can make someone’s whole day turn around. Whether it’s a comment on Instagram or a compliment to someone in passing, I firmly believe this to be true. NuVita has been a great way for me to inspire and encourage others to also be a service driven, kind human. I don’t only sell CBD, I help to build people up. CBD is just the vehicle that helps me reach so many.

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