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Please note:  CBD oil and it’s varying formularies are legal in a number of states in the US and in some international locations. Please check the laws in your state or region before making a purchase. This article is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have any health concern, see a licensed health care professional in person.

We all know that the CBD Oil, (Cannabidiol), marketplace has blown up massively throughout the USA. With an annual turnover approaching $5billion, and projections of that increasing to between $20 &25billion in 5 years, it is a major industry now for many States. The question is, what is the market like across the pond in the goold old UK? We contacted one of the UK’s most prominent suppliers of high-quality Golden Oils, Reactiveplus.com, to help us build an accurate picture of the UK market. Reactive Plus to help fill

Is CBD Legal In The UK?

The answer here is yes, though there are still considerable issues regarding the levels of THC and what agencies should be in charge of regulating the products, according to what we are told. As with all new industries, CBD oil and its related products,  have been legalized since around 2018, it takes time to work out how it should be legislated and managed.

Only European Sativa Hemp plants are licensed due to their low THC capacity, ( you will not be allowed to sell products with above 0.2% in the UK, though that is under review as to whether that may be too high or perhaps not high enough).

You will find CBD oils, vapes and edibles sold all over the country, from stores to market stalls. Many products are actually imported from the USA. Imports can be dicey still with regards to customs, with many imports getting treated as though they are actually Marijuana as opposed to the low THC Cannabidiol based items. This will likely straighten out as tax levies or tariffs are negotiated between countries, like the US, and customs able to follow clear instructions as to how to differentiate between legal CBD products and illegal Marijuana. Reactiveplus only source European plants and oils because of the current issues with importing from outside EU nation-states, with many other UK companies doing likewise.

Isolate based products, where all other elements apart from the CBD Cannabinoid are removed, are still not legal for ingestion/oral consumption anywhere in the UK.

How Much Is The UK CBD Market Worth?

Though it is not as impressive as the USA in terms of value, the UK has a market almost topping £500miilion, with clear indication of this more than doubling by 2025. This means there are a lot of people selling in the market currently, and many news companies, including ones from Europe and the USA, trying to also get a foothold in the quickly growing industry.

Reactiveplus.com estimates that their income has increased 10 fold year on year as the market has exploded, especially with the different product types that are available to UK consumers.

Cities like London and Manchester are noted for their quickly growing CBD markets, leading the pack of UK cities that are quickly taking advantage of this quickly expanding economic miracle.

What About The Quality Of CBD Products In The UK?

Reactiveplus.com is quick to point out that the quality of products has improved dramatically in the few years the market has existed. Many of the products, at first, were made from Raw oils, (that contain impurities), or very badly made, (weak), Distillate oils. That has improved as technology has helped produce better and better Full Spectrum Oils and products. Golden Oil, where Raw oil is completely filtered to maintain a Full Spectrum range of Cannabinoids, Flavonoids and Terpenes, is growing exponentially in popularity. Though more expensive they are the only true Full Spectrum oils that do not contain impurities like Chlorophyll or waxes from the Hemp plant.

Strengths mirror the USA really, with strong oils containing 1500mg of CBD per 10ml of oil. You can read more about those kinds of products here

The Future Looks Rosy

The UK’s CBD consumption is only going to grow, both in traditional products like tinctures, vapes and capsules and in new more novel products like bath bombs and shampoos.  Companies around the world are looking to get footholds in the UK market for a reason, Reactiveplus.com informs us, partly due to the closeness to large European markets, partly due to the UK’s quickly growing market. This will be great for consumers who will get a wider range of products to choose from, both in terms of price, style and quality. It will also keep UK based companies on their toes ensuring they are competitive and offering what the UK consumers need effectively.

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