Design Milk’s 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is on the horizon, but there’s still enough time to get something special to communicate your heartfelt appreciation for every one of his efforts – seen and unseen. We’ve gathered a variety of gift ideas below, suitable for a variety of passions and interests, but each chosen to be used and appreciated for years to come, rather than hidden away in a sock drawer or tie rack. Splurge on something nice for dad, because we all know he deserves it.

Absolute Terrazzo Cedar + Saffron Soap \ $16 + Black Two Tone Chambray Towel \ $61
Want to give the father in your life a gift set that will keep them smelling and feeling good? Look no further than this pairing of cedar and saffron infused vegan bar soap partnered with a soft Japanese cotton bath towel. Not only is the pair complementary in purpose, but the terrazzo stone tile design looks especially pleasant alongside the grey two-tone towel.

Xcissor Full-Set Pen \ $78
Being a father requires being both adaptable and resourceful, attributes finely represented by this multi-tool combination that operates as scissors, art knife, and pen. Give one and tell Dad you’ve always appreciated that he’s always been prepared to help down to the smallest details.

Flos Bellhop Table Lamp LED \ $295
Working from home policies dictate many of us are making due the best we can in regards to the idea of staking out space for a “home office”. These portable LED table lamps can add a layer of refined style to any surface as a desk lamp during work hours, and easily moved anywhere for their illuminating presence during after hours with a 24-hour charge via USB-C cable.

Architect Black Steel Pour-Over Coffee Stand \ $99
Paired with a monthly coffee subscription like one offered by Yes Plz, this sleek and compact pour-over setup delivers a third wave coffee experience without necessitating a lot of counter space. And if budget dictates for something a little more affordable, we also recommend this 4-cup pour over set.

The Chrome MXD Laptop Sling \ $120
For dads perpetually on the go, a laptop sling offers a physically unobtrusive solution for carrying gear in stealth fashion. The MXD Link Sling is our favorite, accommodating a 13″ Macbook Pro and outfitted with a trio of pockets for accessories. Designed to be worn cross-body sling or as a waistpack, it’s an adaptable design befitting cyclists, commuters, and remote workers who want to come prepared, but travel light.

Sennheiser 75th Anniversary HD 25 Headphones \ $100
Audiophile brand Sennheiser have long made some of the best headphones in the industry, but these 75th anniversary limited edition HD 25 headphones with their bright yellow earpads are a particularly eye-catching gift idea for the dad serious about immersing himself in music while at home. Nab one now, because they’re limited to 25,000 units worldwide.

Beoplay E8 Graphite Wireless Earphones \ $350
We know we’ve just recommended over-the-ear headphones above, but while out and about we prefer the convenience of in-ear earbuds for their discreet and less cumbersome comfort. Bang & Olufsen’s E8 earphones include four different sized silicone tips and pair of Complyfoam tips, quelling any concerns about a proper fit for your recipient. These earbuds are also come conveniently equipped for Qi-certified wireless charging through its luxe anodized aluminum and leather wrapped case.

Miele CM5300 Espresso Machine \ $1499
Being a father is a tiring responsibility and may necessitate the aid of some coffee. A super automatic espresso machine like the Miele CM53300 offers a respite of simplicity, not only handling the responsibilities of dosing and grinding beans automatically, but perfectly brewing and pouring coffee-based drinks for one or two people. The sleek and simplified design is practically a one-button affair, but the machine also permits users to customize lattes and cappuccinos for length, dose, and temperature. Yes, it’s a significant sum, but Miele’s most compact machine is the sort of appliance that will be appreciated every morning with every cup.

Tiki Fire Pit \ $350
Give dad an opportunity to satiate his great outdoor urges by inviting him to set up camp in the backyard with this simple, safe, and convenient fire pit designed to use real wood pellets. The two chamber stainless steel is engineered to manage airflow to produce high heat flames with minimal smoke, and clean-up is a cinch thanks to a removable ash pan. S’mores not included, but highly recommended as a first fire supplement.

Copenhagen Steak Knife Set from Georg Jensen \ $95
Modern, minimalist Scandinavian design gives these matte stainless steel steak knives an understated elegance, made with an heirloom attention to detail – the sort of everyday useful design worthy of passing along from father to son or daughter.

Crossover Black Watch \ $149
Fashionable father alert! Tell dad you’ve always got time for his fine sense of style with this stylish juxtaposition to be worn across the wrist, combining three colored hands – the yellow ticking away the seconds, white marking the minutes, and hour hand followed in grey. Available in either black leather or stainless steel mesh.

Besito Vapes \ $38
Whether you know it or not, dad is definitely in need of a moment to relax. If he happens to live in cannabis-friendly California, afford him a moment of chill with a Besito vape. The tres chic brass hued pens deliver precisely dosed amounts of flavor-infused 2:1 THC and CBD sourced from California-grown hybrid cannabis; the mint and grapefruit flavors taste especially pleasing, formulated to take the edge off without overpowering. Package one with a TROVA GO for a cannabis-themed combo.

BALMUDA The Toaster \ $329
Until recently, this Japanese toaster remained a cult favorite abroad, its popularity amongst bread+toasting loving aficionados attributed to its ability to create a satisfyingly crispy exterior while retaining a moist inside. The secret is a small receptacle where a thimble-sized amount of water is introduced to create an optimal amount of steam to retain a moist, fluffy interior and crisp crumb. And indeed, in our experience the Balmuda does justice to artisanal bread and Japanese milk toast, producing ASMR-satisfying texture. The compact design can also bake cookies, heat up frozen foods, and cook casseroles, offering utility beyond producing perfect toast.

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