Friday’s Best Deals: Children’s Books, Circular Lamp, Memory Foam Pillows, Onsen Towels, and More

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A large heating pad, Comixology Marvel sale, Instant Pot, and six months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lead off Friday’s best from around the web.

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Pick up the latest Sonos One (2nd Generation) for a low $150, or the One SL for $129 right now. Both speakers AirPlay 2-ready, contribute multi-room audio solution for your entire house, and sound terrific. The big difference is the Sonos One can summon Alexa or Google Assistant, while the SL cannot.

But if you’re looking for an upgrade to your TV’s sound, The Sonos Beam is our readers’ favorite sound bar, and Amazon’s also discounting it to just $350.

We’re not in the apocalypse yet (at least, I don’t think we are), but if your power suddenly goes out and you don’t have a gas generator, perhaps you can fill up using solar energy. That’s possible thanks to RAVPower’s 24W solar charger. It carries an MSRP of $80 and usually hovers near the $50 mark, but with coupon code COME50, you’ll only need to part ways with $40. That includes free shipping, too.

There are five solar panels and three USB ports capable of 2.4A each. It can only convert up to 23.5% solar energy into power, so we’re not exactly sure how useful that is with the many fast-charging devices out today, but at least battery safety won’t be a concern: it delivers only the current you need with smart frequency technology.

Ah, 2014. The days before Apple decided to axe the ports we’d come to know and love in favor of USB-C, a faster and reversible standard that still isn’t exactly supported by all your favorite accessories. If you need to edit photos from your DSLR camera, for instance, well you’re basically fucked without one of these here dongles.

One of the best you can find, the 8-in-1 USB-C hub from Vava is half off using our exclusive promo code KinjaVa330 and by clipping the coupon on the Amazon listing page. Combined, that brings your total down from $40 to a mere 20 bells! That way, you can get your cake (a new MacBook) and eat it too (use ports) with three USB Type-A connections, HDMI-out, a Gigabit Ethernet jack, two SD card slots and USB-C power delivery.

Sure, your drinks might stay nice and cool while you’re doing your nightly Netflix binge, but if you want to take your spirits with you on your next stroll or hike, one of Brumate’s containers will come in handy. Right now, Brumate is giving Kinja readders 20% off their entire line of products, including the Hopsulator Slim, using code KINJA-20. Sure, the bars might be closed right now, but that doesn’t mean a cold beer won’t be a welcome companion at your post-hike sunset viewing.

Right now, Best Buy selling an Instant Pot Viva 6-quart 9-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker for a low $50. This multi-purpose device can replace numerous appliances in your home; it can act as a rice cooker, steamer, and a whole lot more. It’ll quickly make eggs, stews, and is a wonder for making stock.

There’s no shortage of recipe books and lifehacks to use with Instant Pots, so you’ll probably be able to make your meals for the week a breeze.

This current price is one of the lowest we’ve ever seen on this particular Instant Pot. But just remember, this is a one-day sale. So get yours before they run out.

In your quest to find the perfect night’s sleep, don’t forget to upgrade your pillows. Right now, you’ve got two, super-customizable memory foam options to get your sleeping posting just right: a $24 queen-sized foam pillow and a contoured pillow for $31. Both options have a removable middle layer to change up the height and thickness of your pillow.

For the contoured pillow, use the promo code uttupillow and for the more standard version, use the promo code uttuqueen at checkout.

Nowadays, the best part of my day is my long, hot shower. Free from noise and panic of the world, it’s one of the few times in my day I’m not bombarded with frightening news. Of course, no great bath would be complete without a super luxurious towel to cap off the entire experience.

Right now, Huckberry is dropping the price on a number of Onsen towels. Onsen’s waffle weave towels are made from environmentally-friendly cotton, and will get softer over the course of your ownership.

Add a modern, futuristic twist to your decor with this rad Aukey RGB Circle Table Lamp. In addition to its uncommon, attractive shape, this particular model offers six lighting modes, four lighting effect speeds, and four brightness levels. It also comes with a remote for a convenient way to customize your experience.

Make sure to use the promo code Y26FFDIG to get the best price.

You have tons of time on your hands, so why not spend that time with a bit of spring cleaning? For just $17, you can get your hands on a six-pack of foldable storage bins you can place basically anywhere in your home. Need to hide away all the mail sitting by your front door? Use a storage bin. Got a bunch of dog toys all over your floor? Use a storage bin. You get a storage bin, you get a storage bin, and YOU get a storage bin. They’re ready for you, just go ahead and buy one!

50% off Alara Technology iPhone Cases | Gadget Guard | Use code GIZMO50

Whether you’re really worried about cell phone radiation or you just like to have all your bases covered, a little extra protection for your phone is never a bad thing. Right now, Gadget Guard is giving Kinja readers 50% off its iPhone cases with Alara radiation-protective technology, using the promo code GIZMO50.

Man…life during quarantine is bleak and the nights are long. Why not make it more entertaining with not one, but TWO vibrators for a cheap $40 (it’s basically two for the price of ONE). First you’ll get a g-spot rabbit vibrator for dual stimulation that’ll make you see stars, and you’ll also get a traditional vibrator with seven tingly modes of vibration because why the hell not? The best thing about these sex toys though is that you can use them with or WITHOUT a quarantine buddy. So why not treat yourself to some bomb orgasms? You deserve it. Buy it while it’s hot!

Thanks to Lelo’s “Stay At Home” sale, you can get your hands on a Sona 2 Cruise for a decent $118. If you’re not familiar with Lelo products, they’re a luxury sex toy brand that provides sleek, and hella pleasurable toys to anyone with a vagina. It’s that simple. The Lelo Sona 2 Cruise is specifically designed with sensonic wave technology to offer constant pressure on all your private parts, as well as “cruise control” to increase pressure when you apply more force, or less depending on your mood. Grab this toy and you’ll be sure to climax again, again….and again!

Do you like to shave? Would you like to continue to even with a global pandemic? Well, you’re in luck! For only $9, you can get a Billie razor subscription. It includes the razor itself, as well as two replacements. Once you get on the website, you’ll be able to set the frequency of which you want razors to be delivered to your front door based on how much you actually shave! We love customizable plans! I’d go ahead and try this subscription service. What else do you have to lose?

Banish neck and back pain forever with this discounted BesDio XLarge Heating Pad. This particular model can be worn like a cape and is just $20 when use promo code KINJA3ZR at checkout. It’ll target and soothe your shoulders, neck and back with your choice of 10 heat settings.

To be honest, ever since I started working from home three weeks ago, my neck and back have been hurting. And I doubt I’m alone. If you have a particularly robust HR or acquisitions department, maybe ask them to order this for you.

If they say no, this is a worthy splurge in these troubled times.

Grab the popcorn, turn your bias light to eye-bleeding neon green, and watch one of the Matrix movies—or anything else that catches your eye in this Vudu weekend sale—for just $5. There’s also The Book of Eli, Ghostbusters, The Social Network, Spider-Man (2002), Men In Black, and more than 30 other films. Check out Vudu’s full selection here, and don’t forget that damn popcorn! (No kettle corn, please. Seriously, anyone who eats that stuff hates taste buds.)

Amazon is giving away three months of access to its increasingly impressive music service, after which you’ll be asked to pay $8 monthly to continue. That’s cheaper than most others, though, and you may like what you find after signup.

Amazon has one of the most extensive catalogs with over 60 million tracks, and the mobile app supports Alexa and all the devices she loves to dwell in, so you don’t have to move an inch in bed to start that morning routine playlist.

For some, the charm of a comic book brings the superheroes more to life than even the movies can, especially if those movies are based in the DC universe. (I still don’t forgive Warner Bros. for Batman v. Superman.) Thankfully, we’re talking about Marvel today, which has several comics up for grabs in Comixology’s latest BOGO offer. It’s simple: you buy one, and another one is yours at no additional cost. Just use coupon code MARVEL2020 at checkout.

Most issues on avail cost just $2, including 2019’s X-Men #1 and #2. You’ll also see a few Powers of X and House of X issues for $3.

With school seemingly out forever, you’ll need to find something to occupy your toddler’s mind that doesn’t involve toys, games, and pizza pockets. They might not like it, but you can get them some children’s books to at least pretend they’re using their time productively, and Amazon is helping out with up to 50% off a pretty sizable collection of them.

There aren’t a whole lot of recognizable titles here, but the artwork in some of these books is impressive, and with titles as cheap as $5, now’s a good time to stock up. I’m personally in love with Deborah Heiligman’s CoolDog, SchoolDog based on its description alone:

Tinka is a cool dog, a school dog, a breaking all the rules dog. A hall dog, a ball dog, a crash-into-the-wall dog.

My kind of dog.

Want a slew of decent-to-good indie games you might not otherwise pay for? Twitch Prime has your back, and you can sign up for a free 30-day trial right now to download full games like Turok, Etherborn, Kathy Rain, Earthlock, and Lightmatter this month.

Not only that, but you can take home fresh loot for your daily mainstays, too, like the DOOMicorn Slayer Master Collection DLC pack which, yes, turns your Doom Guy into an ass-kicking, head-ripping, guns-blazing PINK. WINGED. UNICORN. What’s more metal than that? Oh, I don’t know, maybe a Rainbow Six Siege skin that transforms Mozzie the operator into A PIZZA SLICE.

All that and more when you sign up for Prime which also includes, mind you, free movies like the excellent The Last Black Man In San Francisco, Mid90s, and The Florida Project, among other modern day classics.

It looks like this homebound lifestyle is going to be around a lot longer than we originally anticipated, so a lot of people are gaming right now. Whether you’re new to Xbox One or you’re nearing the end of your current subscription, Amazon is offering an excellent deal to add Xbox Game Pass Ultimate time to your account. You pay the usual $45 for three months, and Amazon will throw in another three months on top of that. You’re limited to one code per account and mailing address, too, so no hoarding—that’s what tissue is for.

Game Pass Ultimate is an insanely good deal. Not only do you get Xbox Live Gold access—which entitles you to multiplayer and free games each month—but you’ll also get instant access to the hundreds of games currently on offer via GamePass, including some heavy-hitting triple-A first-party titles on launch day like Gears of War 5.

P.S.: Microsoft is also running a pretty good deal of its own, giving you your first month of Game Pass Ultimate for just $1, after which your monthly bill jumps to the usual $15. This offer is only good for new subscribers.

I’m not really a pink kind of guy, but I might disregard my insecurities for this Xbox One Phantom Magenta special edition controller, which Amazon has on a $10 discount right now to bring its price down to $60.

That may seem like a lot considering it isn’t tied to any particular and there are no crazy designs on it, but the controller chassis starts as a solid magenta at the bottom and fades into a translucent pink toward the top, a much nicer take on see-through tech than the eye-gouging horrors we’ve lived through in the past ten decades.




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You never know when you’ll need a power bank. Whether the lights go out or you’re going on a remote hiking trip that’ll absolutely come with some Animal Crossing breaks along the way, the RAVPower 16750mAh packs enough umph to last you to your destination. Better yet, it costs just 18 bells with our exclusive promo code KINJA0331.

Plug it in at checkout and watch your savings soar. RAVPower claims its 2A ports reduce charging times by half and that its 16750 portable charger is 20% smaller than an iPhone 8. It also comes in white, but sadly this deal only extends to the plain black model.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of truly wireless headphones, the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 are down to just $28 with our promo code KINJA987. In his review, Whitson Gordon says they have “no business being as good as they are for that low a price.” And he was referring to their $40 retail price.

I enjoyed my time with the TaoTronics quite a bit, and regularly found myself marveling at what you get for the price. If you value the convenience of true wireless earbuds over all else and keep your expectations in check just a little—don’t expect an AirPods-level experience—these are pretty solid earbuds for on-the-go tunes.

Getting outside for a movie night in the backyard could be the perfect way to combat cabin fever, and if you grab one within the next few days, you can take $80 off an Anker Nebula Capsule Max projector to help get the job done. Your total falls to $390 when using coupon code KINJA2423. Unfortunately its resolution tops out at 720p, but you can stretch the image up to 100 inches, it’s small enough to fit in a bag, and with Android on board, you can load up YouTube and Netflix right on the Capsule Max itself.

Have big plans to bake a sourdough this weekend? Start by investing $100 in this awesome Le Creuset Iron Handle Skillet. Highly regarded in kitchens everywhere, Le Creuset is synonymous with quality products and this 10.25″ skillet is no exception.

The big problem? Le Creuset products rarely see discounts. But we found a terrific one for this white model. This pan, no joke, hovers around $170. So this is a terrific bargain.

Le Creuset says their “improved enamel interior resists staining, dulling, and wear and tear” and doesn’t require additional seasoning, unlike other cast-iron cookware.

So you’ve finally graduated from Lipton’s and you’re ready to seep your own quality leaves, eh? You could do it in a regular old pot, but nothing does it like a tea kettle, and if you’re serving guests, you don’t want it looking like it came straight out of a medieval soup kitchen. Consider buying this 2-quart stainless steel tea kettle by All-Clad, which is down to $48 following discounts and virtual coupon clippings. You and that pesky mother-in-law who criticizes everything you do can thank me later.

If you miss your standing desk setup from the office, you can convert your dining room table desk into one for just 83 Bells today. Use the promo code KJDSK to knock 17 bells off the price. This riser sits on top of your existing cardboard box desktop and can be adjusted to go higher or lower depending on your preference.

This particular model has enough space for two monitors and offers a slot for your smartphone or tablet to sit up front. Plus, you have a little shelf for your mouse and keyboard which is super nice.

Just note that we’ve seen DailySteals stock run out quickly after posting, so don’t hesitate if you’ve been mulling one over.

Right now, you can save 15% off Bokksu subscriptions and gift boxes with our exclusive code, KINJA15. If you’re unfamiliar, Bokksu is a snack box subscription service that delivers “Japan-exclusive snacks to your door.”

When I first encountered Bokksu, I thought to myself, “Well, I don’t need that” since I consider myself an adventurous snacker and I’m currently living in Elmhurst, Queens where there are amazing Asian snacks abound.

However, I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. There were plenty of treats included in the box that I’ve never seen before and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. There was a varied selection of sweet and savory, so I never got tired of anything. Quite frankly, the Bokksu box I received was one of the best things to happen in recent weeks.

The best part? There’s a handy guide that gives you all the info you’d want on each treat (including allergy info) that removes a big barrier that often comes with trying new things with non-English labels.

That summer wardrobe isn’t going to build itself. Let PUMA help you out with its latest sale, where select shoes and apparel for men, women, and children get an extra 40% off using code SPRING40, and that includes free shipping for any orders over $35. There are way more shoes than anything in each category, and the styles are varied enough that—unless you’re Amish—you should be able to find something you like.

If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable refresh to your springtime wardrobe, here’s your chance. JACHS NY is offering a ton of short-sleeve knit polos, henleys and t-shirts starting at just 15 bells.

The entire collection is basically what I love: upgraded basics. I, for one, am partial to the Jet Black Sueded Cotton Short Sleeve Henley. It’s just… so simple! And elegant.

So, if you’re looking to stay comfy in these particularly trying times, this is the deal to take advantage of. Our colleague Tommy says, “Those are in limited supply, so act fast if you’re serious.”

Just make sure to use the promo code SSK at checkout. And as always JACHS NY offers free returns, so go wild.

There’s a lot of discourse surrounding the benefits of CBD and whether the Cannabid sativa extract is actually beneficial to those experiencing chronic pain and anxiety or if it’s a placebo cleverly marketed as a cure-all antidote. Whatever you believe (I, myself, have seen the positive effects of a good batch), JustCBD is offering 25% off its entire selection of CBD gummies right now using our exclusive discount code KINJA25.

Chill out, maybe watch a movie and fall asleep halfway through. Gummies at CBD start at 8mg and cap out at 25mg/piece, so there’s a wide gamut of dosages to choose from. Especially right now, we need all the help we can get for our mental and physical health. To that extent, CBD is a proven aid, and gummies are the most fun way to consume it.

Released today, the new Mystery Ranch x Huckberry Mission Hybrid shoulder bag would normally set you back a whole $240. But for the next 72 hours, it’s down to $190. The wood wax-colored bag is perfect for taking on walks and isolated hiking trips.

Its three-way zip pocket lets you store “documents, valuables, and other gear” and is securely fastened in place while you’re moving around. A zippered and divided EDC department is perfect for essentials while a designated boot bag keeps your muddied-up boots away from the stuff you don’t want to get dirty, such as your laptop which also has its own sleeve.

Peak Design products are legendary among photographers and organization nerds. And right now, you can save up to 40% on Peak Design products, including retailer exclusives, over at Huckberry.

To sweeten the deal, Peak Design is offering 20% off all products (except Travel Tripod + tripod accessories) and 40% off all V1 Everyday Bags on its own site.

Expertly-designed and well-built, enthusiasts trust Peak Design products to carry and protect their valuables but prices have always been a barrier for most of us. These discounts, however, lower that barrier quite a bit.

The sitewide sale goes for one week only and ends April 6 while the Huckberry deal has no known expiration date. Supplies are limited, so act quickly before your bag gets shipped to someone else.

Looking to get some new workout gear or at least some super comfortable clothes to work from home in? Right now, you can save 20% off Olivers entire line of pants, shorts, tees and outerwear when you use the promo code INITTOGETHER at checkout.

If you’re unfamiliar, Olivers makes some of our favorite men’s activewear that doesn’t look like activewear,

We’ve written about the Olivers mystery boxes before and it’s been a super popular promotion. Olivers decided to go for a more traditional route this time around and pick out your own goodies. And it’s all good, so browse around and save.

We’re all spending a little more time inside right now, so it’s a good time to stock up on cozy loungewear, or maybe a new work from home uniform. Starting tomorrow, and going through Monday, Nordstrom Rack is having a “Buy More, Save More” sale on its entire online store.

Spending $100 will save you $15, $150 will get you $30 off, and you’ll save $60 when you spend $200. Plus, all orders qualify for free shipping.

Whether you’ve already lived through Forky’s (I still think he should have been named Sporky) cute-yet-maddeningly-sad identity crisis or you’re brand new to the Toy Story universe, Microsoft is giving you a prime opportunity to spend more time with your favorite plastic gang. The Toy Story four-film collection is 73% off, and that includes the 4K Ultra HD versions for just $22. You can also snag it in HD for $17.

Microsoft Store digital titles are viewable on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and even HoloLens. You’ll need an Xbox One S or Xbox One X to watch in 4K, however, so be sure to go for the HD version if you don’t have a console.

Looking for a way to help out in the COVID-19 efforts? I mean, more than just staying at home? Well, here’s your chance: Humble’s special one-week bundle features over $1,000 in incredible games for just $30. Humble says “100% of the proceeds from your bundle purchase go to support organizations responding to COVID-19.”

As an added bonus, there’s a ton of great games here including Superhot, Hollow Knight, Into the Breach, Undertale, Brothers, Tropico 4, and so much more. So do your part, send ‘em $30, stay home, and play video games.

Because that’s what heroes do.

The PlayStation 5 is almost here, but if you haven’t already, you should really give the PlayStation 4 a shot, and Woot’s latest offer might be the most enticing proposition for doing so. You can pay $250 for a PlayStation 4 Slim, and you’ll get three games alongside it: God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and The Last of Us: Remastered, all of which I’ve played, and all of which I’d probably give a limb for if I couldn’t. OK, maybe it’s not that serious, but if you’re bored as shit and you’re willing to give the middle finger to productivity, it’s certainly worth the $250.

Soulcalibur VI’s shaky start didn’t help its long-term momentum, and now this perfectly good game is being sold dirt cheap. Amazon has the Xbox One version for $16. Our PlayStation 4 friends can also get it cheaper than normal at $19.

If you’ve played one Soulcalibur, you’ve played them all, but Soulcalibur VI shakes it up with new fighting mechanics, a fresh dual-pronged campaign, a versatile and flexible character creation that’s responsible for some of my worst nightmares, and some of the most realistic boob physics you’ll find in gaming. Sold? Hit those links below.

Oh no, I totally get it: that brutal ass beating you took in Mortal Kombat 11 was definitely because you were using your controller instead of a legit arcade stick. Let’s fix that: Amazon has Razer’s Panthera Evo tournament stick for $170, a $30 discount. It’s designed for use with PlayStation 4, has plug-and-play support on PC, and can even be used with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with some added hardware.

You’ll find 10 face buttons and an eight-direction joystick, which should be more than enough to make sure you don’t whiff another game-ending combo when it’s all on the line. It’s also fully moddable, so you can swap out the buttons and joystick once wear and tear eventually get their way.

Shep called this $19 shelf from Elevation Lab dumb. It is. But the good kind of dumb, like eating cheese despite being lactose sensitive, or telling your ex how you still value her friendship…


You know what’s not dumb? Using the promo code KINJASHELF to bring it down to just $19. In his review, Shep said:

In hindsight, the Elevation Shelf is about as simple and obvious as a product can be. And yet, there are surprisingly few low profile under-desk storage options out there, and those that do exist require drilling into your desk, which may be frowned upon your office. In fact, I’d say 99% of desk organization products are things that go on top of your desk, but for small items like your wallet and keys, utilizing the oft-wasted area under your desk is a much better use of space.

This is absolutely perfect for everyone WFH right now. But just a heads up, this sold out when we last posted about it. So get yours, or else we’ll know who the real dummy is. (It’s me, it’s always me.)

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: Mental health care IS health care, and therapy is a crucial part of treating your symptoms. You might be feeling down in the dumps right now, and that’s ok, you’re not alone. If you need to talk to someone but can’t leave your house, know that Talkspace is the number one online therapy service around and they’re offering $100 off your first month with the coupon code REMOTE100.

Considering it starts at $65/week, you’re basically getting a free 7-day trial and then some. As part of the service, Talkspace is currently promoting their COVID-19 stress and anxiety management program to all subscribers, including those taking advantage of this very discount. Try it out, and let me know how it is because I’m genuinely tempted to sign up myself.

There’s a shaky history behind antivirus software, mostly due to high cost, obtrusive ads, spyware, and a knack to gorge on system resources. Lots of programs have improved in all of those areas over time, such as Webroot, which makes an antivirus app designed specifically for gamers that’s $10 off at Amazon today. You’ll get a full year of coverage for one computer for that price.

Webroot combines its deep threat definitions and scanning with a lightweight UI, faster scans, and a system optimizer that helps keep your operating system running its best.

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