Monday’s Best Deals: Private Internet Access, Apple Airpods, Sony Headphones, Amazon Fire TV Recast, Cuisinart Griddle, and More

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Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

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A Private Internet Access deal, an Amazon TV Recast, Apple Airpods, a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, a Cuisinart Griddle, and an Elgato Stream Deck lead Monday’s best deals.

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The best VPN, according to our readers here on The Inventory, is Private Internet Access. To pay forward the support they saw in our respective Co-Op two short years ago, they’re offering 3 extra months FREE with the purchase of a 1-year sub.

Their high favorability among readers across the Giz/Onion (that’s what G/O stands for!) network is evident. In 2014, Private Internet Access topped off Lifehacker’s Hive Five list of the best VPNs on the market. Four years later, our readers voted the same way.

Though closed-source VPNs have sparked controversy over the years, PIA has set itself apart as a trailblazer in the space. Now go ahead and start following internet privacy best practices today so you can browse and stream worry-free in your extra time spent at home.

You never know how long we’ll be stuck at home; in the meantime, play it safe and subscribe for a year to snap up your freebie while the deal’s still active.

Your home office is due for an upgrade, and there’s no better time than the present to give your workstation the aesthetic and functional treatment it deserves. To help you along on your search, Nomad Goods is giving you 15% off its entire gamut of work-from-home products including base station wireless charging mats and stands, mousepads, and premium-quality braided USB-C cables.

Simply plug in our exclusive promo code KINJA15 at checkout and experience the savings for yourself. While I can’t speak on the quality of the mousepads, our commerce editor Jordan McMahon recently praised Nomad’s customer service for providing a second Kevlar cable when the first one was lost in the mail. We can both attest to the heft and durability of these cables.

I recently started testing the Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition for myself, and it’s infinitely better looking and more reliable than the Mophie charging station I was using before. That said, it also costs a great deal more even with this discount. If you have the spare cash, though, it’s worth the steep price hike for a product that is built to last and blend in with the furniture.

Apple Airpods | $140 | Best Buy

For all the Apple-obsessed folks out there, I have some good news for you — Best Buy is selling a pair of Airpods for $140, which is down from their original price of $160. Like all Apple products, it connects with your iPhone and Macs with ease, has hours of playtime, and can easily charge once you place them in the carrying case. I would hop on this deal before it’s gone.

Entertainment is one of the most shocking monthly expenses when you’re poking around the bank account looking for ways to save. Some people spend hundreds to keep themselves joyous without even realizing it. The cable bill probably adds the biggest singular chunk, though, and if you’ve deemed it’s time to cut back, you have no shortage of options to fill in the gaps. If you’ve decided you’re fine with over-the-air broadcasts using an HD antenna but you still want your DVR features, an Amazon Fire TV Recast is an excellent buy, especially at $85 off, and especially if you’re already knee-deep in Amazon’s digital content ecosystem.

Combined with an antenna and an Amazon Fire device—whether that’s Stick, Cube, TV, or Echo Show—you’ll be able to record up to four shows simultaneously, and it’ll hold up to 150 hours worth of recordings. You can also grab the two-stream, 75-hour unit for $145 if you’re dealing with a smaller household. And it wouldn’t be an Amazon product without Alexa butting into everyone’s business, so she’ll be there to help you find stuff to watch, too.

Normal charger wires just… get in the way, sometimes. The outlet for my phone’s charging plug and cable is right up against my bed, and with a normal charger the wire gets really bent with the pressure of the mattress against it. That’s no good. I think it’s about time to invest in some angled wires. AUKEY’s 90 degree wires make it so they don’t get bent out of shape in my outlet, and even helps to keep the wire out of the way if I’m using my phone while charging. By using code U4PJ462S at checkout, you can two of these wires for just $9.

If you’re just starting out in your gaming career, this Corsair bundle might do you some good. It comes with three wired peripherals and a mousepad, and right now, Best Buy has the whole family down to $85.

The items include the K55 RGB keyboard, which isn’t mechanical, but at least it has customizable color, six programmable macro keys, and media controls! You’ll also get the Harpoon RGB Pro mouse with a 12,000 dpi sensor, the VOID Pro stereo headset, and that aforementioned mousepad.

You’ll outgrow almost all these things in time, but if you just need a cheap upgrade to the junk your computer shipped with, this is a hard deal to pass up.

Streamer? YouTuber? Someone who has a weird obsession with hotkeys? Whatever your creed, the Elgato Stream Deck XL is a fun tool. Its 32 LCD keys can be customized with custom actions and their associated icons, and today, you can grab one for $202 at Amazon.

Normally $250, the Elgato Stream Deck XL has direct integrations with many popular apps, smart home products, and more, allowing you to change scenes, mute mics, and play all your favorite cheesy soundites in Streamlabs OBS, Xsplit, or Elgato with a single tap.

I know none of us are taking flights right now, but you know what’s one of the worst things about them? Lots of noise when you’re trying to concentrate or sleep. It can be hell, especially on long flights. What if I told you that these Sony WH1000XM3 headphones could block out the loud talking and babies crying? You’d say that’s worth the price of admission, right?

Well, you’re in luck, as Amazon has these amazing headphones for just $278, or $72 off. In addition to true noise cancelling, this headset offers up to 30 hours of listening time between charges and a Quick Attention feature where you can quickly turn down the volume for conversation. It’s a nifty set of headphones!

If Amazon sells out, you can also pick them up from Best Buy for $280.

To commemorate the week of the Egg, NordVPN wants to respect your privacy by encouraging you to respect it yourself. For a limited time, you’ll get a free month or year when you subscribe to the service for 3 years using the promo code KINJAEASTER. Better still, the 3-year membership is 70% off, so essentially you’re getting two deals for the price of one. They don’t call us Kinja Deals for nothing.

Now whether you get a month or a year at checkout is admittedly a gamble because the outcome is applied at random. To be honest, though, it’s kind of a win-win. Either way you’re getting 3 years of solace in the knowledge that your browsing habits will be kept to yourself. Dodge roll all the targeted ads and spare yourself unwanted ISP surveillance today.

Even on sale, smartwatches can be really expensive. But, eventually smartwatch makers want to move stock, and that’s when you get some really deep discounts. Fossil is having a sale on their Gen 4 smartwatches, and now is a perfect time to strap up (your wrist).

The Gen 4 Fossil watches do all that you would expect from a smartwatch like giving you notifications and counting steps, as well as a heart rate monitor. Sure, it doesn’t have a million bells and whistles like Garmin and Fitbit watches have, but do you really need a watch to tell you how stressed you are? I’m well aware of my existential dread Garmin, thank you.

Best Buy has one of the best deals we’ve seen on the new iPhone SE so far. The phone is usually $400 outright, but you can buy the Sprint model for $300 at the big box retailer when you add a new line, and they’ll throw in a $50 gift card for your troubles.

This is a great deal for Sprint users, but even if you aren’t, it’s still worth considering. The phone is not unlocked, but you can unlock it after 50 days of qualifying service.

Here’s a little pro-tip: buy the phone, get yourself a no-commitment $35 Kickstart Unlimited plan—the cheapest available—and unlock your smartphone after 50 days, then cancel. Since it’s an iPhone, you won’t have to worry about network compatibility as they’re all designed to work on almost any network globally. You’re paying a bit over $70 after taxes and fees by the end of it all, but that still represents an overall discount.

Need mobile storage? Right now, Western Digital has SanDisk’s 256GB Ultra microSD card for $43. It features class 10, UHS-1 speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second, which is fast enough for most gaming, work, and photography needs. It should also work just fine for 4K video recording, but your mileage may vary.

If you’re still flying around the internet without your virtual seatbelt and locking your internet doors, stop. Buy Webroot right now. It’s only $15 to protect three devices for a year, and that goes whether you’re on Mac or PC. If you have more, you can get a five-device subscription for $28 (Mac version here). Now please, go over that story your mother taught you about the birds and the GBs and never go without protection again!

Everyone’s home, everyone’s loud, and everything is terrible, but not with the right pair of active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones. Last year, TaoTronics proved itself a worthy contender to the budget ANC throne with a $110 pair of hybrids, which cost less than half the price of Sony’s amazing WH-1000XM3’s.

Now it has a $55 pair that’s 32% off with the onsite coupon combined with our exclusive promo code KINJA9E6, bringing the final price to $37 before tax. Considering these headphones just came out two months ago, this is the deal to beat on the 2020 version of TaoTronic’s active noise-cancelling headphones.

With 40 hours of battery life, USB-C charging, Bluetooth 5.0, and a CVC 8.0 mic, it’s time to shut out all the bad stuff and focus on your inner-healing with the vibration of music, or perhaps some soothing ASMR.

These headphones will help you do just that, if only for a fleeting moment:

Listen, sometimes your space doesn’t smell as great as you would like it. It might not even be anything that you did, but these air purifying bags can help. They’re only $14 with a promo code, and come in a pack of eight, so you can spread them throughout your apartment or house for some sweet-smelling relief. But how do they even work? Well, the charcoal basically absorbs bad-smelling particles in the air, while at the same time, releasing a nice smell from the open, mesh fabric. You can reuse these for up to two years, depending on how bad your closet, car, or bathroom smells. Do what you gotta do and snatch ‘em before they’re gone! Just make sure to type in “XW4UYYIK” at checkout.

Most griddles do the same thing: they heat your food evenly across a big surface area, and some look like a printing press, but it’s not newspaper you’ll be stamping down. This Cuisinart Elite Griddler is perhaps the best you can find for the job, and with a 17% discount, your total to own one is $140.

Why is this one so good? Unlike many cheaper models, the Elite tosses its heating elements directly within each reversible plate, giving you consistent heating on both sides. This particular model also has dual temperature zones, so you can have two different things going at once if they require different cooking temperatures, and with 240 square inches of a grilling surface to work with, that’s totally doable. Whether you’re making a quick grilled cheese or searing a juicy steak, the Cuisinart Elite Griddler could change the way you cook everything.

These days, if there’s anything you can do to prevent the spread of germs, you should probably do it. That means less touching, and with this awesome deal from Woot, that can now apply to your soap dispenser. This Kohler unit holds 8.45 ounces of liquid protection, and Woot’s latest discount brings the take-home cost down to $35.

It works with either foam or liquid compounds, there’s a window to tell you how much you have left, and it’ll even help you with a timer light that lasts 20seconds, which is widely considered to be the bare minimum for a thorough cleansing.

The world’s been having a rough go of it the last few months. I’ve spent my fair share of days laying in bed, watching Tiger King and wasting away, but as it turns out, humans need to eat. Well, Reese’s count as a meal, right? You’ll have to wait until early May, but if you don’t mind this Reese’s Miniatures Party Pack is only $6 on Amazon. Apparently it comes with about 39 servings, and each serving is 3 mini peanut butter cups… I’ve done the math, and it’s definitely entirely too much chocolate and peanut butter.

But hell, treat yourself, right?

Ready to smarten up your home? You’re in luck, as Wyze’s Smart Home starter kit is on sale for $79 at Amazon. What does this package include? Well, you get…

  • Waze Cam with a 32GB MicroSD
  • 2 Contact Sensors
  • 1 Motion Sensors
  • 1 Sensor Bridge (this makes sure the sensors and camera work together)
  • 2 Wyze plugs
  • 3 Wyze lightbulbs

All of this works together to create a sensor-based home secrurity system, and also lets you tell Alexa or your Google Assistant to turn on some lights. A pretty nice deal for only $79!

Hot plates can be used for a lot of different things. If you’re out camping, you can cook whatever you’d normally need to use a stovetop for, on a surface with controller heat. If you live in a studio apartment or dorm without a kitchen, a hot plate can help you heat up water and cook some food. It’s just helpful! Now, if you use code VH2IHBQB at checkout, you can get one of these babies for just $23.

Anyone could use a good foot massager, especially any essential workers having to work during these difficult times. For anyone that needs it, Naipo’s Shiatsu Foot Massager is down from its usual $300 price all the way to $95, if you use code 3AHL7I4P at checkout. I have used Naipo’s back and shoulder massager in the past, and I can attest to how awesome that is—if this foot massager is anything like that, this will be worth the price.

Whether you’re out and about on social distancing walks or essential grocery runs, or even just in another room doing WFH stuff, you still need to keep a close eye on the happenings inside your house. Lucky for you, Eufy is running a sale on its 2K indoor security cameras, both the standard and pan/tilt models.

Straight from the company’s site, you can fetch yourself a stationary indoor cam for $26 using the promo code WSEUFYIDC1 or the upgraded pan and tilt version for $37 if you enter the coupon WSEUFYIDC2 at checkout. It might take some time to arrive as the website says orders won’t ship until late May, but hey, it never hurts to think ahead, especially at these impulse-buy prices.

The link below is to a product sold by a third party. G/O Media does not make any representation about the efficacy and safety of CBD products and their use may be illegal in your state.

Life is pretty terrifying right now, if I’m being honest. But, on the bright side, it is 4/20 which means it’s my birthday. To celebrate my birthday and nothing else, Sunday Scaries is giving our readers an exclusive 50% discount on its “Dawn To Yawn” package using the promo code KINJA50. Included in the mix are two types of gummies and a nighttime tincture, all of which contain vitamins and/or energy supplements.

Keep your head up (during the day) and down at night! The plain “Gummies for Chillin’” comprised in this bundle are blessed with Vitamin B12, D3, and broad spectrum CBD with 0% THC. The second batch, “Sour Gummies for Chillin’” incorporates organic sunflower oil, vitamin B12, and broad spectrum CBD. Last, the nighttime oil tincture combines Vitamin D3, coconut oil, and broad spectrum CBD for a night well rested.

Whatever your mood or preferred time of day to enjoy your daily dose, Sunday Scaries has got you covered. Subscribe for $50/month or try it once for $65 with our exclusive KINJA50 coupon.

Enjoy 30% Off | Philosophy | Use code 30OFF

Enjoy 30% Off | Philosophy | Use code 30OFF
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Did you grab that face scrubber? Good! Now, take your skincare routine to a new level with some Philosophy beauty products. This week, use code 30OFF to get, you guessed it, 30% off your order.

Not sure what to get? Why not give your lips a little TLC with the Ultimate Miracle Worker Lip Serum? Or, if you need to complete your facial routine and aren’t sure what to do, the Purity Made Simple facial cleanser is a simple addition to your mornings. Make sure to give Philosophy’s best-sellers list a look and figure out what product is best for you.

Wash your face. No, I’m serious. Haven’t you seen an episode of Queer Eye? A facial skin routine is important! This face scrubber has “four function modes” to clean your face and whatnot, but the main purpose is to scrub off dead skin before they muck up your pores and cause acne. Now, by using code 50TLC4OK at checkout, you can get this high-quality scrubber for just $10. Now you have no excuse… wash your face!

I know none of us are really dressing for the office right now—regardless to opinions to the contrary, if you can be comfortable while working from home, why wouldn’t you? Eventually, though, things will get back to normal, and many will be returning to the offices. Why not return in style with some dress shirts from The Tie Bar?

They have some really stylish shirts that will match whatever your personal style is. I personally like big, bold color for office wear, so I really like these Bright Buffalo Check shirts, but there are also shirts with more subdued color schemes like these Multicolored Check shirts. Browse around The Tie Bar’s site and you’ll be sure to find something you like.

20% entire site | & Other Stories | Use code SPRINGTREAT

20% entire site | & Other Stories | Use code SPRINGTREAT
Graphic: Elizabeth Henges

Another day, another clothing sale to help you refresh your wardrobe! & Other Stories is having a flash sale for today and today only—20% off everything in the store! You just need to use code SPRINGTREAT at checkout to make sure you get the discount.

& Other Stories focuses on creating quality feminine clothing, so if that’s your style, you’ll want to take a look at their best-sellers page. Cute items like this Frilled Puff Sleeve Mini Dress are now only $95, and there is also some nice looking jewelry you can grab to go with your new clothing. You’re bound to find something you or a loved one will adore.

Tomorrow is 4/20, and you know every place that allows you to smoke something is going to have a sale for the big deal—especially since most of us are stuck in quarantine. With O2 Vape’s 420 sale, you can save big on some new vape pens and mods for the pens you already own.

I wish I could give some solid recommendations, but that would make it sound like I know what I’m talking about when it comes to vaping. The Vari-Vape 900 not only has a futuristic name, but looks the most like my vaping friend’s favorite portable pen, so I’m on the assumption that it’s a pretty good model to choose. With code 30FOUR20 at checkout, you can get it for $50. That’s not bad at all!

Just make sure to make your decisions quick, because this sale ends at midnight tomorrow!

While you sit around waiting on the federal government to sign every outstanding paper check before it’s postmarked, consider testing out Ella Paradis’ take on the “stimulus package.” This gift box, which comprises two waterproof clitoral stimulators, will have you feeling gooooood through the weekend. Just like that.

Although physical dates are off limits due to social distancing guidelines from the CDC, sex toys are the perfect outlet for your sexual deprivation. Just charge it up via USB and you’re ready to get your rocks off. Maybe even try it on your next Zoom call with a fuckbuddy or a longtime partner. Order a set today and see if it gets here before my check does. The sad thing is, it probably will.

The link below is to a product sold by a third party. G/O Media does not make any representation about the efficacy and safety of CBD products and their use may be illegal in your state.

Need some lab tested, full spectrum CBD in your life? CBDistillery is offering 25% off everything on their site right now when you enter the promo code KINJA25 at checkout in observance of CBD Awareness Day. Today is the last day of this promotion, so net yourself an order of gummies, oils, vape pens and more before prices go back to normal

Shipping is free on all items as well, due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Our pals at REI are back with another round of deals. Starting today until the 27th enjoy deep discounts on Camping, Fitness, and Biking gear. I’m a big believer in willing what you want so maybe, just maybe grabbing a tent and a cooler will help get us out of quarantine and into the woods sooner. Worst case, living room or backyard adventures until then.

We’ve recommended some of REI’s best offerings but I want to throw out a quick few editions here. Grab 25% off their top-rated hammock and best-selling tent. You can also snag this discount on customers’ favorite women’s running shoes.

Whatever you choose you’ll still get free shipping.

Maybe you’re bored of your quarantine wardrobe, or maybe you’re bunkered down in your childhood home with old clothes you haven’t worn since college, a little change in your attire can make social distancing at least a little more exciting, and cozy. Right now you can get fleece crewneck shirts from JACHS NY for just $20 each using the promo code C20.

When I was younger, I loved watching Xena: Warrior Princess. Xena was badass! That being said, I didn’t know the Xena story lived on in comic books. So consider my surprise and delight to not only learn about them, but also learn that they’re on sale on Amazon? Both Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galatica comics are on sale, so whether your poison is fantasy or sci-fi, you’re covered. These are digital copies, however, so make sure you have a good device to read them on!

I think we all need a little bit of a laugh right now. Amazon seems to agree, so they have some comedies on sale for $5 to own, just in time for the weekend. There are a number of them on sale, from classics like The Big Lebowski to more modern titles like Superbad, but you will have to go on a bit of a search for them, since there’s no deals page! What’s with that, Amazon?

Regardless, the three movies above will be a great place to start, whether it’s to chill out this weekend… or to enjoy on the holiday Monday. Either or.

Since Diamond has suspended distribution of new comics and the industry is all but at a crawl now we turn to our friends at ComiXology. And as COVID has claimed another franchise causing the delay of No Time To Die. But with time and sales come opportunity. (You can also catch up on all those movies.)

Catch up on all of Dynamite’s James Bond lore now before the film’s release. The current run is written by Vita Ayala and Danny Lore is a real treat for fans young and old. The beautiful art is by Eric Gapstur and Erica D’Urso. Issues #5 and #6 are due next month so plenty of time to dive into this series.

I will personally recommend the Case Files volume which is 50% and all about how badass Moneypenny is.

With some issues as low as 99 cents have your personal Quartermaster fire up the Kindle and get these downloaded today.

Amazon is giving away three months of access to its increasingly impressive music service, after which you’ll be asked to pay $8 monthly to continue. That’s cheaper than most others, though, and you may like what you find after signup.

Amazon has one of the most extensive catalogs with over 60 million tracks, and the mobile app supports Alexa and all the devices she loves to dwell in, so you don’t have to move an inch in bed to start that morning routine playlist.

DOOM Eternal? Never met her. If you own an Xbox One, get the best demon ass-kicking game, Devil May Cry V, for just $16 on Amazon. The fast-paced action title was great last year, it’s great this year, and it doesn’t give me motion sickness and has all the butt-rock you could ever want.

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 version is sold out on Amazon, but you can grab it at Best Buy for the same price.

Marvel’s Spider-Man might just be one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives of this generation. And now, you can get the game, plus its three bonus chapters of DLC, all for $20 from Best Buy. It’s a small price to pay for that rare game that makes you feel like Spider-Man.

Can’t wait for the disc? It’s also on sale at the PlayStation Store.

Illustration for article titled Mondays Best Deals: Private Internet Access, Apple Airpods, Sony Headphones, Amazon Fire TV Recast, Cuisinart Griddle, and More

Graphic: Humble Bundle

Now that we’ve all been working from home for a month or so it still might be a challenge. Having to be a bit of our own IT department at times can be trying, but fear not! Humble Bundle would love to lend a hand with a few issues we know you can handle. For the next 20 days, they’ve got your technical bases covered all valued at $693.

It’s not all work though. They’ve managed to sneak a few games because you deserve to play also. This is a great opportunity if you are looking for software to aid with encryption, password protection, storage backup, and even WordPerfect Office.

As always at each tier donations will be made to charitable organizations. This bundle is no different and will be supporting those that are helping with the response to COVID-19.




Home Theater 

Computers & Accessories 

PC Parts 

Mobile Devices


Home Goods 

Smart Home 


Tools & Auto


Beauty & Grooming 

Camping & Outdoors


Movies & TV

Books & Comics

Gift Cards



PlayStation 4 

Xbox One 


Toys & Board Games

Listen up, agent: like anything its size, the James Bond collection is like a junkyard. There’s a side that you just have no business venturing into, but if you can wade through the rusty crap, there’s a lot of value to be found. There are 24 films from the series all packed into one massive collection, and VUDU is letting that collection go for just $100.

Even better, all of it is remastered in 4K Ultra HD. From Russia With Love, Die Another Day, Goldfinger, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale—I could go on and on and on and on and on about some of the best Bond films, but you’re just going to have to watch them all yourself to figure out your own perfect cocktail (shaken, not stirred).

If you’re super clumsy like I am, you might want to take steps to protect your handheld electronics. Well, you’re in luck. For a low $9, you can get your hands on a two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors, that’ll keep your precious Nintendo Switch from the bumps and bruises of constant playing and sometimes falling off your couch or bed. I would hop on this deal before it’s gone!

One way that I’ve been dealing with being stuck inside constantly is by working on refreshing my wardrobe. Not only do I just want to be comfortable each day, but when I do get to see other people again, I want to look good. Thankfully, it’s easy to find great deals on fashion, and Forever 21 is no exception: it’s offering 30% of $85 or more purchases with the code REFRESH30.

Forever 21 offers stylish clothing for cheap, so you can get a lot for $85. For example, these Stonewashed Mid-Rise Flare Jeans are only $30, which isa third of the way to your purchase goal. You can also use this chance to stock up on closet staples that don’t need to be expensive, like these Scoop Neck Camis. They’re already $3 apiece, but now you can buy all the colors and save even more.

35% off Sitewide | Royal & Pure CBD | Promo code KINJA35

35% off Sitewide | Royal & Pure CBD | Promo code KINJA35
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

The link below is to a product sold by a third party. G/O Media does not make any representation about the efficacy and safety of CBD products and their use may be illegal in your state.

If you’re looking for ways to relax and chill out, we have a great deal for you. For a limited time, you can use our exclusive code (KINJA35) to get 35% off sitewide. What does that mean for you? Well, it means you can choose between tinctures, topicals, bath bombs, and even CBD that’s safe for PETS! Yes, even your stressed out pups and cats can get in on the action. Just remember to type in KINJA35 and you should be good to go! Jump on this deal before it’s gone!

Ok y’all. We know quarantine has been long, and it’s certainly has been lonely. Especially during the night. All of a sudden, all of your baes on the hotline are in their homes, not able to visit (for the greater good!), but that just means you have an even larger itch to scratch. Luckily, Bellesa has come through with the best fucking deal ever — they’re just…giving away a selection of vibrators FOR FREE. YES, you heard me. Free. They’re partnering with Womanizer to get everyone off (safely) throughout the COVID-19 crisis. So, I would try my luck and get an amazing vibe to take you to your peak without ever leaving your home. Orgasms during social distancing are what you make it (literally). Enter the give away and get off (over and over again)! And while you’re there, definitely check out the not-free collection, it’s dope, too!

If you’ve ever been curious about Four Sigmatic no is your chance to give it a go. You’ve probably heard of this company with Finnish roots because they’re the ones with the mushroom coffee. Hold up, stay with me! I’m actually a huge fan of the chai tea and let me tell you there’s nothing ‘shroomy going on here. It tastes fantastic.

With so many of us working at home your morning cup of coffee has been an important routine and Four Sigmatic knows that. They are offering up to 45% off all their bundles just for these times. Plant-based nutrition is a hot trend and these guys are no fools with their Work and/or Chill at home packets. They’ve got all the bases covered. Coffee to focus on work, protein powder to charge you workout, and even hot chocolate for chilling with Netflix. Highly recommend the hot chocolate for your next binge session.

They’re so confident you’ll fall in love they’ve got a solid money-back guarantee if you don’t. Free shipping on all orders over $50.

Taotronics Lamp | $16 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA028

Taotronics Lamp | $16 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA028
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Lighting up your desk or nightstand has never been easier with the Taotronics light therapy lamp. It’s down to $16 with the promo code KINJA028, and has three levels of brightness that can even assist you when it’s daytime or night. You can easily switch the brightness level by the tap of your finger on the light’s surface, and not only that, but the light is so compact it can fit almost anywhere. Grab this light before it’s gone!

Take it from someone whose phone’s USB-C port just shit the bed: it’s nice to have a wireless charger, and if you have multiple devices to juice up—say, your smartphone and some true wireless earbuds—you don’t have to buy multiple. AUKEY’s 25W wireless charger falls to $30 with our exclusive promo code KINJAQ10.

It won’t charge any of your Qi-compatible devices at that rate, however. The juice is split up between all three pads, giving you the ability to charge at 5W (older devices), 7.5W (newer iPhones), and 10W (some newer Androids) on any given contact. Don’t worry about figuring out which one you’ll need to use. The device and charging pad will discuss all that whenever they shake hands.

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